The WORD is Nigh Thee was birthed in 2011 with a YouTube video titled, "Faith Moments with Ty Humbert."   It was nine years since he had suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury, but in obedience to God, Tyheth MonsŤan was again fully involved in various levels of ministry.  His diligent service would often produce a response of adoration from those around him.  However, he knew the secret to his strength and ability was grounded in the word of faith and God's grace. Therefore, he was inspired to share this message.
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"Pursuing Life, Peace, and Fulfillment by the Word of God."

Occasionally, videos were posted on YouTube until technical issues interrupted that method of getting the word out and halted momentum.  Eventually, weekly emails were sent via mailing list which led to increased attention and the growth of TWNT's audience.  A clear theme and objective was developed and many have been uplifted by the content whether in video, audio, or written form.  I'm thankful for all of our supports whom we call TWNT Insiders and hope you will join the family.
The WORD Is Nigh Thee
The WORD Is Nigh Thee
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